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Kallithea Hot Springs & Baths

Our 5 star luxury resort near Kallithea Springs

Kallithea Hot Springs & Baths less than 3 km from Amilia Mare

You will find οur 5 star luxury resort near Kallithea Springs, only a 4 minute drive from the Hot Springs & Baths site.  

The Hot Springs & Baths of Kallithea were frequented by people throughout the ages who would visit it to cure various ailments by soaking in the curing waters. The stunning building site which houses the Baths today is a renovation of the originally built structure of the 1920’s, inaugurated by Italian architects who were inspired by Moorish style, incorporating pebble stone mosaics throughout. In effect, you’ll be visiting an early-age Spa that also includes a rotonda hall, a lovely patio and gorgeous gardens.